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What are the best tips for how to get a job as a Manager in Strategy Management Consulting?


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The most conventional job to get: school or direct application. However, most project managers entered consulting firms after school or MBA as Business Analyst or Associate. Entering directly as Manager is harder.


Most straight-forward path is to go through on-campus recruiting from grad school. This typically puts you at an Associate position. After ~2 years of solid performance, you can progress to Engagement Manager.

If you do not have access to on-campus recruiting, you can sometimes go through websites. But much more of a "black box" process.

frankobonanzo Management Consultant Turned Entrepreneur

Expect to work 3-5 years as a Consultant, while performing the tasks of a Manager for ~6 months prior to actually getting the promotion. It is extremely difficult to transition to the Manager role without prior experience as a senior strategy consultant (Consulting culture is unique and you'll need mastery at using a hypothesis driven approach to avoid boiling the ocean, etc)



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