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What are the highlights of being a Manager in Strategy Management Consulting?


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It is quite exciting to be based for a couple of months in India or Japan, manage a multi-cultural team, and advise the CEO of one of the top companies in the country!


The team problem-solving is some of the most fun, interesting business work out there. Getting a bunch of smart people around a white board to brainstorm solutions and work through complicated issues together is very compelling.

Also, at a younger professional age, you often work with very senior-level clients on very high-level projects. Otherwise would be difficult to access this type of project until much later in a career.

frankobonanzo Management Consultant Turned Entrepreneur

Leading a team and witnessing each person's development. Ability to have major impact at a client's strategic priorities. Exposure to senior management at Fortune 500 companies. Develop a broad skill set that is applicable to any industry/business.



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