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What are the lowlights of being a Manager in Strategy Management Consulting?


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Not ideal if you highly value lifestyle (e.g, no work on week ends, long term planning of dinners and parties..). You will ened to be flexible
Also, staffing may or may not meet your requests, which needs you still might be shipped to Siberia to serve a Russian mining firm (less cool than the Indian or Japanese trip in my view).


Lifestyle is difficult -- you often work crazy hours and travel up to 4 days a week. Also, in many firms, you are expected to own a variety of other things in addition to a client project -- e.g., industry research, recruiting, learning, etc. Expected to "check off" many boxes to move ahead which often results in utter exhaustion.

frankobonanzo Management Consultant Turned Entrepreneur

Managing the Partners who support a project is extremely tricky... especially when many are involved and all believe that they are right. Very difficult to unplug from work... your Blackberry will always be on. Non client responsibilities add up (i.e. writing reviews) to significant extra hours.



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