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What's the best way to thrive as a Manager in Strategy Management Consulting?


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FInd THE Partner you like to work with and stick to him or her!


As an Associate you can work on a broad suite of projects -- across industry sectors, across functions. By the time you are an EM, focusing will greatly increase the speed of promotion. Don't fight it too hard for too long, because if you do you will find yourself with less partner support later on.

Also, there is a certain amount of "playing the game" required to be successful in the larger firms. If you are willing to drink the kool aid and check off the boxes, then you will thrive. If not, a hard place to be. Many EMs do a lot of intense introspection at this time to decide if these are still the places right for them. Many choose to stay at this time, and many leave.

frankobonanzo Management Consultant Turned Entrepreneur

Actively manage your work/life balance so that work doesn't consume your entire being. Act as a leader and always keep your cool... everyone is watching. Even if you don't know the answer, you can create a lot of value by simply asking the right questions.



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